Our journey

“Overnight success stories take time.”

- Steve Jobs -

Phase 1

NFT.NYC 2021

Birth of Tribe X

Predicting the Future

Architect IG Video Post

Tribe X Website Launch

Team Fully Doxxed

Introduce First Tribe X Insider

Gamal Codner
FreshHeritage.com founder

NFT Box Partnership with Pranksy *

Limited Merch Release

Phase 2

Tease 3D Avatars

Tribe X Insiders “Sharing our story”

Lauren Turton
Gamal Codner
Khalil Malamug

Andrew Le
Jeremy Zuttah
Devin McCourty
Jason McCourty

New Website Launched for Mint

Family PreSale


Shadow Code Attack

Mint Paused

Chosen Ones Overcome

NFT holders and founders unite
17 Hour discord voice chat
Community bonding

Allies Made: Together we thrive



Phase 3

Miami NFT Week

Guest Speaker on 'Power of Community'
Tribe X Booth to showcase project
IRL Meet & Greet w/ Founders

A way forward

#shadowcode cannot stop us.

Mint Resumed

Updated Roadmap

Partial Reveal

Rescue the ones left behind

“No retreat. No surrender.”

Phase 4

When Merch?

Strategic Partnerships

NFT Holder Spotlight

Tribe X Media Outlet

Tribe X Academy

A place where members learn how to earn.
NFT Holders only
Technical Analysis
Business Consultation
Kids Creator Access

Tribe X Alpha Groups

A resource to help members learn and a chance to earn.
NFT Holders only
Insider tips
Raffles and giveaways.

NFT.NYC 2022

Tribe X Launchpad

A tool to help members earn.
Members only resource
Business Consultation, Grants and more.
NFT Tool*

Phase 5

Placeholder Image
Placeholder Image

Tribe X Events


Placeholder Image
NFT Tool

We are actively exploring our options with different Web3 blockchain developers to partner or build out a tool that will provide exclusive value to both our NFT Holders and also entice new members to join the Tribe.


Due to conflict in timing and the mint of both the March NFT Box and Tribe X Empire the NFTs airdropped to Pranksy will be returned to our wallet and we will decide how to move forward at a future date. These NFTs will be held in the Tribe X Treasury.