Technology is the key to future prosperity

Our purpose is clear - we exist to impact lives by bridging the tech gap and empowering underrepresented communities in the world of crypto.


Who We Are


Who We Are

Tribe X Empire is a collection of 11,111 exclusive NFT collectibles that will live on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Our project is more than simply an NFT collectible; it's also an evolving story universe with unique NFT mechanics and real world utility to create the change we'd like to see in the world.

We are a community of minorities who aren't afraid to challenge the gatekeepers, stand up for what we believe in and whose actions speak louder than words.


Why We Exist

Why We Exist

We exist to impact lives. We're using NFTs to bridge the racial tech gap and empower underrepresented communities in the world of cryptocurrency. We believe that technology is the great equalizer and our best chance to level the playing field.

Our vision is to create the most diverse decentralized brand for the metaverse that is built by us and for us.


Together we thrive: This NFT project is going to work because of the community, not solely because of the founders. We must learn to work together or we will perish together. We are equal. We are one people, one tribe and together we thrive.

Be accountable. Tribe X is trailblazing. We don't have all the answers and we won't trick you with hype. We are empowered by purpose and we promise to be accountable.

Trust the process. The system is the problem. We can't make everything right overnight, but we can make things better over time. What we are trying to do is a challenge; but we are willing to embrace the moment and commit for the long term.




We are more than a community. We are one tribe.

In the sections below you will find our utility aimed at benefiting the community.

Work to Earn
We can't do this alone - we will need all the help we can get from our community.

Tribe X will be a creator led and community powered metaverse brand.

  • Paid full-time and part-time mods.

  • Paid full-time and part-time creators, builders and web3 enthusiasts.

  • Launchpad Grants.

We are working with legal to navigate the pending regulations for all the items listed above.

Tribe X Launchpad
The utility that gives us the most value in terms of being able to provide immediate value.

The launchpad's purpose is to onboard and unbound talented members into the NFT space. We will open doors and provide access to the tools, resources and funds needed to thrive. We are working through the legal framework of grants and the necessary application process.


The Metaverse



Please visit our discord using the link below to view the components that we are exploring.

View MetaVerse Plans In Discord


Real World

Real World

We're not against the idea. When the time is right. We will let the community decide.

Tribe members can expect exclusive drops. First drop coming shortly after mint.

By holding a Tribe X Empire NFT, a metaverse avatar with rarity, you will be eligible for

  • Giveaways,

  • Airdrops,

  • Merch,

  • Private Discord channels,

  • Whitelisted for future drops,

  • Exclusive access to members-only benefits and

  • Events IRL.

A meet-up, exhibit or music festival in Jamaica sounds nice! Plus, meeting in real life allows us to build a personal bond like no other.

A creator led and community powered real-world business venture. When you purchase a Tribe X Empire NFT you are gaining membership only access to a community of people who will all work together to bridge the tech gap and continue to empower underrepresented communities in the world of crypto.

Access means access. NFT Holders will not own any portion of the Agency and should not view access as an investment or a promise of future value.


Free Your



“I can only show you the door... You're the one that has to walk through it”   -   Morpheus


Together we will create the future. Send us a message if you are looking to collaborate.